I program and operate a screening series on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus called the Micro-Wave Cinema Series.The Micro-Wave Cinema Series exists to highlight the most adventurous, provocative, and beautiful work being made by American independent film­ makers.

The films I program often do not have distribution deals or may have been overlooked by other critics and programmers, despite their excellence. Screenings are always accompanied by Q&A sessions with the film's director. All screenings are free and take place on Sundays @ 7:00 PM in Vilas Hall 4070, Madison, WI.

Our Spring 2017 series can be downloaded here, or seen below. 

The best place for screening news and information is our Facebook page. You can also follow MWCS on Twitter.

You can read an interview with me about programming Micro-Wave here.

Previous MWCS Lineups

Fall 2016
Slackjaw//2015//Zach Weintraub
collective:unconscious//2016//Lily Baldwin, Frances Bodomo, Daniel Carbone, Josephine Decker, Lauren Wolkstein
The Procedure//2016//Calvin Lee Reeder
The Bulb//2016//Calvin Lee Reeder
Plena Stellarum//2016//Matthew Wade
Talk About Your Dreams//2016//Robbie Hillyer Barnett
Bite Radius//2016//Spencer Parsons
Driftwood//2016//Paul Taylor
The Arbalest//2016//Adam Pinney

Spring 2016
For the Plasma//2014//Bingham Bryant & Kyle Molzan
Some Beasts//2015//Cameron Bruce Nelson
Field Niggas//2015//Khalik Allah
Buffalo Juggalos//2014//Scott Cummings
Here's to the Future!//2014//Gina Telaroli
Hit 2 Pass//2014//Kurt Walker
MA//2015//Celia Rowlson-Hall
A Morning Light//2015//Ian Clark

Fall 2015
God Bless the Child//2015//Robert Machoian & Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck
The Winds That Scatter//2015//Christopher Jason Bell
L for Leisure//2014//Whitney Horn & Lev Kalman
How the Sky Will Melt//2015//Matthew Wade
Tears of God//2015//Robert Hillyer Barnett
The Idiot Faces Tomorrow//2015//Cameron Wordern
Funny Bunny//2015//Alison Bagnall

Spring 2015
Butter on the Latch//2013//Josephine Decker
Thou Wast Mild and Lovely//2014//Josephine Decker
Lake Los Angeles//2014//Mike Ott
Big Moccasion//2014//Andrew & Chelsea Moynehan
Evaporating Borders//2014//Iva Radivojevic
Ellie Lumme//2014//Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
Uncertain Terms//2014//Nathan Silver
Her Wilderness//2014//Frank Mosley

Fall 2014
Black Box//2013//Stephen Cone
See You Next Tuesday//2013//Drew Tobia
Joy Kevin//2014//Caleb Johnson
Menthol//2014//Micah Van Hove
We'll Be Happy Over There//2014//Zach Fleming
Holy God Holy Immortal Holy Mighty Have Mercy Upon Us//2013//Robbie Barnett
Kami//2014//Kyle Gerardi
The Mud//2013//Bruce Bundy, Nigel DeFriez, Robert Malone & Kira Pearson
The Greggs//2014//Jonathan Rosenblit, Bruce Bundy, Nigel DeFriez, Robert Malone, Kira Pearson, Alex Mechanik & Jessie Levandov

Spring 2014
The International Sign for Choking//2012//Zach Weintraub
You Make Me Feel So Young//2013//Zach Weintraub
Open Five//2010//Kentucker Audley
Open Five 2//2012//Kentucker Audley
Exit Elena//2012//Nathan Silver
Soft in the Head//2013//Nathan Silver
The Men of Dodge City//2012//Nandan Rao
The Other Men of Dodge City//2014//Andrea Sisson, Pete Ohs & Nandan Rao
MMXIII//2013//Ian Clark
It Was Great, But I Was Ready to Come Home//2009//Kris Swanberg
Empire Builder//2012//Kris Swanberg